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Digital Marketing 101

Digital Marketing Training 101

5 sessions

The Course Covers:
  • How does the Digital Marketing Arena look like in 2015?
  • What are the latest local & international digital marketing trends?
  • What are the main digital marketing tactics available?
  • Business Goals VS. Digital Tactics
  • Analyzing your overall Marketing Strategy
  • Problem/lost Opportunity VS. Digital Tactics
You will learn how to:
  • Set your Online Lead generation Strategy
  • Set your Online Brand Credibility Strategy
  • Set your online Presence Strategy
  • Set your Online Prospect/Customer Communication Strategy
  • Setting an Online Exposure Strategy
Is suitable for:
  • Companies who want to educate their staff about digital Marketing
  • Companies wanting to know what opportunities they are missing online
  • Companies who wish to evaluate where they stand in relevance to world best practices
  • Companies that want to learn how to set their digital marketing strategy
Training Information
  • Takes place on the client company premises
  • Unlimited number of attendees
  • Consists of 5 sessions each session is 1 hour long
  • Training cost is $1,000 and is paid in full in advance upon signing


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