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Digital Marketing 201

Digital Marketing Training 201

 15 Sessions

The Course Covers

>  All the material covered in Digital Marketing 101
  • Search Engine Marketing
    • Introduction to Google Advertising Program
    • Google Campaigns constituents
    • Keyword Research & Keywords Grouping
    • Ad Copies Creation 
    • Targeting & Bidding Setting
    • What is Search Engine Optimization?
    • On page Optimization Elements
    • Off Page Optimization Elements
  • Display Banner Advertising
    • Introduction to Display Advertising
    • Introduction to Contextually targeted banner advertising
    • When & why do you need a display banner campaign
    • Introduction of Online Display Ad planners
  • Social Media Communication
    • Setting Your Social Strategy & Policy 
    • Facebook Communication Strategy
    • Facebook Advertising & Landing Pages
    • Twitter Communication Strategy
    • LinkedIn Communication Strategy
    • Google+ Communication Strategy
  • Online Presence & Content Marketing
    • What is a proper online presence
    • Setting Your Content Framework & Content Plan
    • Conversion Architecture – how are visitors converted into leads
    • Content Marketing – creating content with your look & feel
  • Email Marketing
    • How is Email Marketing Used properly?
    • Building your database 
    • Setting your email marketing strategy
    • The elements of a successful email marketing campaign
  • Analytics, measurement & Optimization
    • Interpreting Google Analytics Reports & website Optimization
    • Interpreting PCC search/Display Advertising Campaigns Reports 
    • Interpreting Social Advertising Reports & Optimization
Is suitable for:
  • Companies who want to educate their staff about digital Marketing
  • Companies wanting to know what opportunities they are missing online
  • Companies who wish to evaluate where they stand in relevance to world best practices
  • Companies that want to learn how to set their digital marketing strategy
  • Companies who wish to implement some of the digital marketing tactics In house
  • Companies who want to understand how the digital marketing tactics are implemented so that they are able to understand better what and how 3rd parties (agencies) are performing.
Training Information
  • Takes place on the client company premises
  • A Maximum of 8 attendees are able to attend
  • Consists of 15 sessions each session is 1 hour long
  • The sessions should be taken in 2 to 4 days
  • Training cost is $3,000 and is paid in full in advance upon signing


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