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Digital Marketing Training 301

Digital Marketing Training 301

24 Sessions

Includes all material covered in Digital Marketing 101 & Digital Marketing 201

Learn how to:
  • Plan your macro Digital Marketing strategy
  • Plan & Implement your Pay-Per –Click campaigns
  • Plan & Implement your Social Advertising strategy
  • Develop Your Social Communication Strategy
  • Plan & Implement your On page & Off Page SEO Strategy
  • Plan & Implement your Content Marketing Strategy
  • Plan & Implement your Display Banner advertising Campaigns
  • Plan & Implement your Video Advertising Campaigns
  • Set your Email marketing strategy & Content Plan
  • Setup analytics & Optimize all campaigns

In the End of the Training you will have:
  • A Google PPC Campaign with ads showing on Google first page.
  • A Bing & Yahoo Campaign with first page ads.
  • An Optimized Website with a "content & linking" strategy on the way to ranking well on search engines organic results page
  • A Display banner advertising campaign with your banners designed and published on the websites that your target market visits
  • A YouTube Video advertising Campaign live 
  • Properly set & branded social networks with a communication strategy in place.
  • A Facebook Advertising campaign with the proper landing page
  • A LinkedIn campaign up and running
  • An Email & Content strategy in place and ready for execution. 
  • Google "Analytics" activated and your first comprehensive measurement & optimization Report.
Is suitable for:
  • Companies who wish to implement some of the digital marketing tactics In house
  • Companies who want to understand how the digital marketing tactics are implemented so that they are able to understand better what and how 3rd parties (agencies) are performing.
  • Companies wanting to create a digital marketing division
  • Companies that want to perform all their digital marketing activities in house
Training Information
  • Takes place on the client company premises
  • A Maximum of 8 attendees are able to attend
  • Consists of 24 sessions-each session is 1 hour long
  • The sessions should be taken in 3 to 5 days
  • Training cost is $7,500 and is paid in full in advance upon signing.


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