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Individual Certification Program

Digital Marketing Certified Manager Program

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General Information:
  • 16 session training program
  • 2 sessions / training day - each session is one hour
  • Learn how to plan, implement and manage the various internet marketing tactics
  • Including Social, Search, Banner, PPC, Content, Email & more.....
  • A certificate of completion is granted
  • Takes Place on our premises in Sin El Fil, Atlas Bldg. 4th Floor
  • Regular Price: $1,000/attendee
  • Group Price (2 & above): $800/attendee

Upcoming Training Schedule:

V-26:  May 10, 12, 15, 17, 19, 22 ,24 & 26

Training Outline

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  1. Setting a complete online strategy for your business
  2. Creating and launching a Google search ad campaign
  3. Creating and launching a Bing & Yahoo search ad campaign
  4. Designing and launching a display banner ad campaign on the high traffic websites in Lebanon
  5. Developing a social media communication strategy for your company
  6. Creating and launching a Facebook advertising campaign
  7. Creating and launching a LinkedIn ad campaign
  8. Designing and launching a YouTube ad campaign
  9. Developing an off page & an on page SEO strategy
  10. Developing a content marketing strategy
  11. Implementing analytics & learning how to optimize your online performance