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Training Programs

Digital Marketing Trainings

The digital marketing world is always evolving and businesses are always trying to find ways to keep track of the new marketing trends. Due to this fact, WSI has taken the initiative to build a series of trainings that will transform your marketing department or team of staff members into internet marketing experts. The trainings provided will keep you on track with latest digital marketing tactics and put you ahead of your competition.

Below are the lists of training courses that we are providing:

Digital Marketing 101: Is a Five session training targeted to businesses that want to discover the latest trends and practices in the digital world. This training answers the question what is happening in the digital marketing arena and what is the best way to plan my digital strategy.

Digital Marketing 201: Is a 15 session training targeted to businesses that wish to know how the various digital marketing tactics could help their businesses and how these tactics are implemented. (It includes all the material covered in Digital Marketing 101).

Digital Marketing 301: Is a 23 session training targeted to businesses that want to be coached on how to set, plan and implement their digital strategy. This training is most suitable for companies with available resources in terms of labor and time, that want to undergo a portion or the whole digital marketing activities in house.
(It includes all the material covered in Digital Marketing 101 and Digital Marketing 201).

Social Media 101: A 10 session training that helps you understand social marketing & communication. The course covers the full social media marketing strategy process: starting from planning and ending in communication & optimization.

Please check our training packages which include discounted prices & specialized customized training & coaching programs are also available upon request.